The Power of Partnerships: AMC Global Innovation Team

Here at AMC Global, we believe in the power of partnerships to create the most effective insights. Recently, we shared why we are loud and proud about collaborating with partner experts.

In light of this important aspect of the way we work, we created the AMC Global Innovation Team. This internal group is focused on all things – you guessed it! – innovation. The goal of the team is to keep a pulse on trends within the industry and find the best ways to integrate innovative techniques and partners into our work so that we are always providing the latest and greatest solutions to our clients.

Please join us for this Q&A as we learn a bit more about the AMC Innovation Team.


The Power of Partnerships AMC Global Innovation Team


Q1: What’s the benefit of having a dedicated team for vetting new innovation partners?

We are dedicated! Each of us has a passion for learning about different solutions available in the marketplace today – and we also believe that finding cutting edge and high-quality partners to collaborate with works best with more minds. Our Innovation Team is made up of rockstar researchers Emily Izbicki, Emilie Yurigan and Reene Kalola.

By centralizing our efforts, we’re able to disseminate the information we get company-wide so that everyone has access to it. Previously, even if a colleague had experience with great partners, that information may have remained siloed within their individual team – or even the individual person. Additionally, this dedicated team structure cut down on us repeating efforts – eliminating or reducing the need to search for resources and then vet them individually. We’ve already done that work. Our goal is to broadly distribute information about promising partners across our entire organization so that everyone, including our clients, can benefit.

By bringing new news to the table, we’re also proactively finding solutions to research needs before they arise. We can introduce new opportunities and broad use-cases throughout the company, rather than only focusing on our own team’s and our own specific clients’ immediate project needs. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you might miss out on a better, faster, or stronger solution – so we work hard to expand our creative solutions and mindsets. 


Q2: What drew each of you (Emily, Emilie, Reene) to being part of the AMC Global Innovation Team?

Emily Izbicki:  I love research and I’m all for working smarter. There’s an excitement in evolution and being a part of this team keeps pushing us forward.  

Emilie Yurigan: Being a part of this team is incredibly rewarding.  I’m thrilled to see our efforts resulting in a more comprehensive toolbox for our organization and richer offerings for our clients.

Reene Kalola: At AMC, our goal is to not only provide the best traditional qual and quant market research possible, but to also be true strategic partners with a holistic perspective. There are so many amazing offerings emerging in the marketplace every day and learning about them through the Innovation Team lets me build the best solutions for my clients – and share this knowledge with others!


Q3: How do you find potential partners to work with?

There are several different streams that run into the Innovation Team pool. We learn about potential partners through recommendations from other team members, partnerships from past lives, direct outreach from agencies, requests from our clients, good old fashioned desk research, and relevant webinars and conferences. It seems like there are new potential opportunities popping up every day, and it’s our exciting, self-designated responsibility to keep a pulse on the market so we can ensure that AMC is engaging with the best of the best.  


Q4: What are the hot topics in innovation that get you most excited/ are you most excited to learn more about?

We all know that 2020 and 2021 have been huge years for video – whether we wanted them to be or not! AMC has been leveraging the power of video for years, but the pandemic really helped us to discover greater use for video than ever before. We uncovered the silver linings of online qualitative research, utilizing not only video, but also other online qualitative platforms like communities, online diaries, and bulletin boards.

Other areas of research where we are seeing leaps and bounds of innovation are AI-related methods of all kinds, which can support a lot of aspects of our work in market research. We’re also excited to learn more about the power of voice-activated research. Consumers are using voice devices in their homes more than ever, and it is our job to bring the research solutions to wherever consumers will naturally be!

Finally, we love finding alternative panels and sample partners. We know the wheels of market research could not turn without traditional panels, and we firmly believe using those have their time and place. That said, finding opportunities with international partners or companies that allow us to reach very specific, niche populations allow us to become better at sourcing hard to find groups for our clients. Working with these types of partners will always make us stronger. 


Q5: What are the plans for the Innovation Team’s future? 

As today’s world continues to change and shift, the Innovation Team has been having many exploratory conversations. We’ve talked to a lot of potential partners about a lot of different topics – after all, there is a lot of ground to cover! Next year, we plan to focus on depth rather than breadth and we’ll continue to leverage the great resources we’ve uncovered. 

While our arsenal is ever-growing, we know that it’s key to find the right time and place to utilize these partnerships. We will never try to fit a round peg in a square hole for the sake of having something shiny and new to showcase – it needs to make sense for everyone involved! As AMC Global has always done, we will continue to listen to our clients for their needs and work to bring them the best possible solutions through our own expertise and our partnerships. 

We hope you are enjoying our recent discussions on partnerships! Want to learn more about how we can fold effective research partnerships into your next project for better insights? Reach out to us!