Brand Positioning, Communication Strategy, and Message Development with MessageFilter

Effective and motivating product and brand positioning is critical when trying to stay relevant and ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced world. Clients everywhere are looking for a way to break through the clutter and gain the attention of their target consumer.

Brand Positioning as a Foundation

MessageFilter™ is a fully-customizable tool, backed by an expansive normative database, designed to provide differentiation in communication research.

  • Build an optimized concept that will serve as the basis for their advertising and communication strategy
  • Prioritize communications for POS, on-pack communications, etc.
  • Reposition a brand or product
  • Develop and optimize a global brand positioning

MessageFilter™ has led to a variety of successful initiatives, from innovative concepts, to new positionings, to creative campaigns and more! The program can be implemented at any stage – following qualitative idea generation (i.e., early in the process) or after the development of full concepts.

Benefits of Message Development

  • Determines which bundle of messages or claims will maximize reach to your target audience and the best way to articulate those ideas
  • Employs a more realistic monadic approach
  • Backed by an extensive normative database (link to anything else we have on the normative database)
  • Utilizes unique analytics
  • Delivers thoughtful optimization of your concepts
  • Makes your concepts more succinct
  • Optimizes articulation of individual claims

How do we do it?

Monadic Concept Evaluation

During this evaluation, we will…

Monadic Concept Evaluation

  • Assess strength of concepts via a full monadic concept test with key measures, which are compared to our expansive normative database
  • Uncover deficits where optimizations should focus

Individual Message/ Claim Evaluation

This will allow us to…

Individual Message/ Claim Evaluation

  • Measure the strength of each individual positioning element
  • Set priorities for development of marketing communications

Concept Optimization

We don’t just spit out suggested modifications – we identify areas of weakness and provide a thoughtfully optimized concept. Additionally, we’ll identify the best articulation of individual messages.

Concept Optimization

  • By testing various messages that vary by one component, we will identify which articulations are most compelling.

MessageFilter™​ Case Study

case message filter

Business Challenge

Dean Foods was interested in expanding their dairy dominance beyond beverages. They turned to AMC Global to help them determine the potential of various new concepts in driving interest for these new products, as well differentiating them from key competitors.


We utilized our MessageFilter™ communication optimization tool, which includes a full concept evaluation, as well as a deep-dive on the individual positioning elements. Because individual claims are isolated and tested using a more discriminating trade-off exercise, our technique is more sensitive to the subtle differences between communication elements. We can determine which ideas are most motivating and what is the best way to articulate those ideas.

Business Implication

The research delivered a fully optimized concept that could serve as the foundation for future marketing communications. Additionally, we provided a communication hierarchy that was leveraged to identify which product claims should be prioritized on-pack. These actionable insights were exactly what the Dean Foods needed to set them up for product launch success!