Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About AMC Global

Our solutions in the insights space are unique, so we wanted to share more about what we do here for our clients. At all stages of launch, we have a custom market research approach that will work hard to get the needed answers. We have a commitment to provide not just information for product and service development and innovation, but actionable insights that move decision-making forward toward success. Find out more by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Using Foundational Research approaches can help brands identify and categorize different groups of consumers based on their shared characteristics, preferences, behaviors and needs. This can provide a basis for all the stages of market research.

Whether you’re launching, relaunching, or extending a brand or product, you need to be sure your brand or pack design is recognizable, relatable and effective, streamlines the consumer journey, and enhances your brand positioning. To learn more about how this works, visit our PackPulse page.

In order to know where to position your new product or service, you need to understand the landscape and where it fits in. Is there whitespace, or untapped area, in which your product can fulfill an unmet need? Through Discovery Research with AMC, you can fine tune your innovation journey—including identifying gaps and determining category opportunities to help your brand discover the “next big thing” while minimizing risk.

Effective brand positioning is crucial in today’s fast-paced world! Using the right market research solutions to help optimize message concepts, find the best communication channels and understand what your audience wants to hear leads to successful campaigns and enhanced brand image and position. MessageFilter™, a fully-customizable tool with an expansive normative database, can help!

ResponseCash PFU, one of our most popular market research solutions at AMC Global, captures real-time insights from new product purchasers allowing agile feedback for product evaluation, packaging and marketing communications.

Sampling campaigns can be overwhelming and expensive, so you want to be as efficient and effective as possible with this market research approach. We can help companies optimize their product sampling and event marketing efforts by using SampleTrak™, our market research solution that evaluates program effectiveness, purchase conversion rates, cost per consumer converted, demographic and psychographic profiles of recipients, brand equity impact, and ROI of sampling venues and tactics—enabling informed decisions for future spending.