New Product Launch Tracking with

ResponseCash® PFU

(Purchaser Follow-Up)​

Product launches can be time-intensive and expensive, and it’s critical to set these launches up for success. We have developed, perfected and patented an agile solution for capturing insights from actual purchasers of new products, beginning as early as day one of a new launch!

Optimize your New Product Launch Strategy

ResponseCash® Purchaser Follow-up is especially important as more companies move to “lean innovation” and “test and learn” models. Not only will you gain essential information and insights that give a roadmap to success, but the process can also include comparison with our robust normative database.

  • Identify opportunities for product or package optimization
  • Gauge reactions to new product formulations or positionings with a test and learn methodology
  • Determine if new products are ready for larger launches
  • Define/redefine the consumer target
  • Leverage insights from users in the household – profiles and attitudes
  • Enhance marketing and communication strategies for new product launches
  • Determine source of volume and cannibalization
  • Identify and understand usage occasions
  • Develop retailer sell-in stories
  • Improve opportunity for new product launch success in the marketplace
  • Mitigate risk and limit exposure
  • Benchmark performance vs. other new category launches via AMC’s Normative Database

Our Normative Database Benchmarks Success

Want to remove the guesswork from “how good is good”? Get a benchmark for the success of a new product launch—large or small—with comparisons to our normative database containing thousands of SKUs.

Get better results with a test and learn methodology

Better than a market research panel, get feedback from actual, confirmed purchasers – no need to worry about “professional respondents”
Can be used for full-scale quantitative or smaller qualitative initiatives
Obtain feedback as early as within days after a new product launch

ResponseCash® PFU™: How do we do it?

shopping cart
Consumers buy a product as they normally would (we do NOT want to influence a purchase in any way!)
special invitation
When consumers go to use the product or interact with the package, they will find our patented on-pack OR in-pack survey invitation
The survey invitation incorporates a high-value prepaid cash card to incentivize participation
The card is only activated upon completion of our entire research program (typically two phases)

Optional:  After the initial two phases of research, consumers can be recruited into a Test & Learn Community, which allows for continuous feedback on the customer journey, guiding future product innovations

New Product Launch Case Study


Situation & Business Challenge

When Kraft conducted its new product launch for MiO Liquid Water Enhancers, they needed a way to quickly gain an understanding of who was purchasing these new-to-the-world products, how they learned of them, how they were using them and whether they were delivering on expectations.


Our proprietary ResponseCash PFU (Purchaser Follow-Up) program was used to capture insights from actual purchasers of these new products within the first few weeks of the launch. Multiple waves of research, including a test and learn framework, were conducted in order to provide MiO’s marketing team with insights that they needed to develop a new product launch strategy.

Business Implication

Findings from our new product launch program provided MiO’s marketing team with a solid understanding of their marketing plan’s effectiveness and advised the communication strategy for their new product launch. It showed them how well their products and packaging were performing among the very first purchasers in-market. Insights were also leveraged to help create a retail sell-in story that could be leveraged with key accounts.