Qualitative Research

Curiosity is at the heart of market research, and nothing quite satisfies that curiosity like the creative and innovative solutions that qualitative research can provide.

Understanding The Consumer Voice with Qual

Products are more than just things, they are experiences. Qualitative research allows us to go beyond the function—uncovering consumer emotions and aspirations that impact those experiences. Qual delivers the depth in understanding required for uncovering the problems, preferences, needs and desires driving consumer behavior. A valuable tool in understanding and interpreting the nuance, qual can help to answer the ‘why’ behind what consumers say and do.

Qualitative Research Design and Philosophy

Qualitative research is inherently flexible and accommodating, designed to allow the research approach that best meets the needs and objectives of a study. At AMC Global, we’re expert listeners and that begins in the initial conversations we have with our client teams to identify which methodologies and tools are most appropriate.

Qualitative research approaches are a vital part of AMC Global’s consumer-centric research philosophy, and can serve our clients as a single, standalone approach or as amplification to other solutions like foundational research, shopper insights and more.

AMC Global Qual Online

Approaches to Qualitative Research

AMC Global has extensive experience executing traditional qualitative methodologies such as focus groups, one-on-one interviews, in-home ethnographies, shop-alongs and online discussions/communities (such as Launch & Learn). Through vetted partnerships—and by keeping our finger on the pulse of innovation—we’re also able to utilize specialized tools and technology to better engage with your target audience(s) and improve the depth and richness of insights.

Qual gives you creative, flexible and innovative solutions to better understand your consumers, uncover white space opportunities and to identify product development paths and innovations—an important part of our custom mix of insights solutions here at AMC Global.

The Qualitative Research Roadmap

AMC Global’s qualitative research approaches provide valuable tools to engage with consumers at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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