Making Smart Decisions About Sustainable Packaging

Case Study: Major CPG Manufacturer Uses Purchaser Follow-Up 

In a recent wave of our ongoing study with OpinionRoute, we found that 23% of Americans report that sustainable or environmentally-friendly packaging is “extremely important” to them, 39% report that it is “very important.” And brands are responding. According to PackHelp, sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers—more now than ever before. And the options for creating sustainable packaging are endless, and important, as we discuss in our recent article in Packaging Strategies.

AMC Global recently partnered with a leading multinational food manufacturing company to help them gather insights about a sustainable packaging approach, and data on the sustainable pack effect on consumer preference. To do this, we used our ResponseCash® PFU (Purchaser Follow-Up) methodology to help understand the impact via a Test and Learn approach.


The AMC Global Purchaser Follow-Up (PFU) approach works in three steps:

  1. Consumer purchases the product as they normally would and finds a survey invitation on the packaging.
  2. Then they log onto AMC Global’s website to participate in the survey immediately after purchase and initial usage.
  3. They receive a ResponseCash® Card in the mail after, pre-loaded with a monetary incentive that was activated upon completing a follow-up survey.


AMC Global Sustainable Shopping LI

And the consumer insights received uncovered truths through this PFU study about behavior and preferences. Truths that the brand could then effectively evolve into their brand image–as well as meet consumer needs. Making packaging changes to a trusted brand should never be completed in a vacuum. By conducting smart consumer research at the right stages of development, and getting feedback directly from product purchasers, brands can make smart decisions about pack updates of any kind.

To dig into the details of the project and see how you can apply similar approaches to develop sustainable packaging approaches or other product changes: