Keeping Things Fun at AMC Global Headquarters

Creating a Unique Space

Recently, AMC Global hired street painter and muralist Nate Baranowski to create a new visual experience at our headquarters in Blue Bell, PA. In addition to creating appealing and fun spaces to explore and interact with, the murals show the company’s commitment to supporting a collaborative office environment. See the time lapse video of Nate’s process in our hall area and conference room below.

Storytelling at its finest

The two murals embody the art of storytelling, something we here at AMC do every day for our clients. They also are all about perspective, another key part of market research and the work we do. The team also worked together with Nate to come up with the store themes, as AMC Global works closely with many retailers, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and food and beverage companies to help them gain insights into the right paths for product development, innovation and communication with shoppers. 

About the immersive murals

While Nate often works outdoors in chalk, these murals were created with durable latex and a clear topcoat so they’d last for many to enjoy at the offices. The 3D illusion artwork is designed to look like it pops right out of the ground or wall, leaving space for staff, clients and visitors to pose within the artwork to “finish” it. As Nate states, ““The surprise and mystery infused into this approach to immersive art will allow both employees and visitors to step into the middle of a story, right in the office!”