What is ResponseCash® Purchaser Follow-Up™ (PFU)?

PFU is an AMC Global patented solution for capturing insights from actual purchasers of new products, in the moment, whether it is a full launch, limited launch or test market. This process can also include comparisons against our robust normative database for key measures. This market research technique can be used for agile feedback directly from unbiased product purchasers, allowing evaluation of the product, package and marketing communication plan. Insights generated provide a roadmap for what changes might be needed for greatest success.

Here’s how ResponseCash PFU works:

  1. A consumer purchases a new product
  2. After purchase, the consumer finds our survey invitation in or on the packaging
    (The invitation includes a high value reward for completing the survey)
  3. The consumer shares immediate feedback and impressions about the new product
  4. After several weeks, consumers are invited back to tell us how they are using the product and if they’ve made another purchase
  5. Optionally, the consumer can enter a “Test and Learn” community

Why use a Test and Learn community along with PFU?

As we wrote in Marketing News, a test and learn approach allows companies to gather usable insights in the moment about not only the strengths and weaknesses of a new product, but also insights regarding pricing, supply chain, forecasting, distribution models and risk mitigation. As mentioned in step five above, once a consumer has already responded to the PFU, they can be placed to enter into a longer term relationship with the brand by being recruited to give continuous feedback on the customer journey—guiding future product innovations. This relevant research community approach is flexible, and unique in that it is made up of actual purchasers of the product being evaluated.

What types of insights can a ResponseCash PFU program give you?

When using a ResponseCash PFU along with an add-on Test and Learn community, brands can:

  • Use consumer feedback to optimize product features
  • Change and adjust product packaging based on consumer reactions
  • Hone marketing messaging and other communication strategies for the product
  • Further define consumer target audiences for greatest in-market success
  • Gain insight on real-life consumer product usage and human behavior
  • Build a sell-in story for retailers

Product Launch Research Case Study


AMC Global’s client partner Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), and Keurig, came together to create Drinkworks (a single-serve pod-based cocktail system). The research plan began with our PFU methodology, which gave us a way to recruit a highly relevant sample of Drinkworks product purchasers immediately after launch. They then entered a Test and Learn community so we could understand their experiences over time. The study resulted in adjustments to the product in order to better meet actual consumer needs and usage, like a larger drink pod and changes to the product’s accompanying usage guide. Adjustments based on the PFU and Test and Learn insights allowed even greater success in the market. You can read more about this project in our article in Quirk’s magazine, “How do you market an in-home cocktail maker?”.

Boosting your next product launch with PFU

Let AMC Global’s experience with product launch research ensure your next launch’s success. Utilizing the agile ResponseCash® PFU methodology, where you can quickly capture insights from actual product purchasers provides representative feedback and insights you can use to improve in-market success. You can also view more details about how it works in a specific industry by checking out “AMC’s ResponseCash PFU in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.” Ready to get started?