Gen Z’s Consumer Journey and Impact on Brand Marketing


Recently, Social Native posted “Breaking boundaries: the impact of Gen Z shopping in the marketing funnel.” The article discusses Gen Z’s reshaping of the traditional marketing funnel into a loop of inspiration, exploration, community, and loyalty—and how this shift requires brands to adapt by prioritizing personalized, authentic content that resonates with GenZ’s values and aspirations across various digital platforms and in-store experiences.

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The article seeks to provide insights into how brands can navigate the Gen Z consumer journey, where Gen Z’s inherent digital fluency and social media preferences take the spotlight. On platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, cultivating a genuine connection with Gen Zers is important for brands. Here, personalized and relatable content that leverages influencers and creators will drive engagement.

Gen Z’s reliance on social media goes beyond a touch-point for learning about brands: they also turn to social media content for product information/usage occasions and reliable reviews from trusted influencers, according to this Social Native piece. User-generated content plays a key role in shaping purchasing decisions—and despite their digital immersion, Gen Z still values the in-person shopping experience for its sense of community and self-expression.

Brands also need to consider how they communicate their values to Gen Z, as the article points out that  this generational cohort gravitates toward brands that align with their ethical values and social consciousness. In order to discover what resonates with these key messaging points, brands can use market research approaches like AMC Global’s MessageFilter™ to inform correct brand positioning, communication strategy, and message development among Gen Z. 

Brand loyalty is also discussed in “Breaking boundaries: the impact of Gen Z shopping in the marketing funnel.” Gen Z is looking for active engagement and emotional connection with brands, with a sense of involvement and belonging to a community. Brands must prioritize transparency and authenticity, demonstrating a genuine commitment to those important socially conscious values. The payoff is higher brand loyalty among this generational cohort.

To gear up to serve Gen Z with the right products and services, brands need a solid foundation of market research. Gen Z is notoriously mobile, so a good way to understand their needs is to meet them where they are with First-Moment Mobile™to gather real-time insights right at the point of purchase, or through foundational market research approaches to gain a solid understanding of Gen Z’s current attitudes and behaviors in the category.

The impact of Gen Z’s shopping habits will require brands to adapt by embracing innovation and creating content that connects to this unique generation. Using market research to create the insights for understanding and embracing the Gen Z “shopping revolution,” brands can thrive as this cohort rises in shopping power.