The alcohol beverages market size is projected to grow from $2,527 billion in 2024 to $5,716 billion by 2032 in the United States alone. When launching a new product in this quickly growing and rapidly evolving space, gathering early consumer feedback is an incredibly effective way to pave the path to success in a crowded and extremely competitive marketplace. But what is the best way to actually grab consumer attention—and get valuable, authentic feedback from real purchasers of your new alcohol beverage within the first few days of launch?

AMC Global has an effective and patented solution that empowers brands—including those in the alcohol vertical—to capture crucial qualitative and/or quantitative insights. These insights can be captured within days of a product’s debut, and can be scaled for a full launch, limited launch or even small test markets. AMC’s innovative ResponseCash® PFU™ (Purchaser Follow-Up) is a customizable solution that allows companies to evaluate every aspect of alcohol beverage products at launch, from the taste to the packaging and shelf placement to the marketing and messaging.

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Using AMC’s ResponseCash PFU for early purchaser feedback.

ResponseCash PFU: Early Insights for Strategic Advantage

The ResponseCash PFU program by AMC Global is designed to bridge the gap between consumer experience and company response quickly and effectively. By engaging consumers directly right after they purchase and try new beverages, alcohol brands can gain immediate insights into consumer satisfaction, usage patterns, and potential areas for improvement—and this can be done in a qualitative environment as well as quantitative. This early feedback is invaluable, as it allows you to understand the initial reception of beverages in real-time, making it possible to adjust marketing strategies, address any concerns and enhance product offerings promptly. For the alcohol beverage sector, where tastes and preferences can vary widely and trends can shift rapidly, this means staying ahead of the curve. 

When a consumer purchases your alcohol beverage product in-store or online, they find our invitation on the packaging (or in the packaging) of the product.  The invitation includes a high value incentive for participating in our research program.  The program can be qualitative and/or quantitative in nature, allowing consumers to share deep insights about your new product immediately following purchase and when they first consume your new product.  AMC works with you to find the right approach for the insights you need at launch. To learn more about how it works:

Using Qualitative for Your ResponseCash PFU Program 

Capturing qualitative feedback within the first few days of a new launch provides clients with an early indication of how well their new products are performing among their earliest purchasers.  AMC Global is enabling their clients to gain these qualitative insights by recruiting their earliest new product purchasers into programs where they can participate in online bulletin boards, in-depth interviews, in-home ethnographies, in-person shop-alongs, as well as traditional focus groups.   These valuable insights gained from these programs enable clients to take action early in the launch if changes need to be made to the product, package or marketing plan.   AMC Global is committed to staying at the forefront of qualitative market research, and we are continuously enhancing our service offerings to provide clients with a competitive edge! Our PFU programs specifically are offering the latest in qualitative approaches to support your beverage brand innovations.

The ResponseCash PFU program, can be tailored to best meet your needs and your budget. Beyond providing qualitative insights within just days of your launch, the PFU can provide quantitative insights, along with comparisons to our extensive alcohol beverages normative database.  Whether a simple streamlined solution or a full-blown customized program with recruitment into our Test-And-Learn Community —AMC has an exceptional team of experts to design a program which will best meet your needs. 

Leveraging Qualitative Expertise for Enhanced Outcomes

Specifically, our qualitative research team, led by Ashley D’Annunzio, is dedicated to creating custom programs that get those vital qualitative pieces in place at launch. Ashley has a robust background in consumer behavior analysis and market research and has been instrumental in refining various methodologies at AMC Global, including PFU, to develop even more qualitative offerings for our clients. Her leadership ensures that insights from your study are not only relevant but also actionable—providing you with actionable insights to help guide decisions pertaining to your new products, their packages and marketing communication plans.

Vanessa Giraldo has also recently joined our qualitative team, and her expertise in consumer psychology and data analytics further strengthens our capability to deliver nuanced and comprehensive market insights to alcohol beverage brands through PFU and beyond. 

The Competitive Edge in the Alcohol Beverage Market

The integration of AMC’s ResponseCash PFU, powered by a stellar team of marketing research experts within the alcohol beverage space, provides companies with a distinct competitive advantage. By understanding consumer reactions at launch, brands are better positioned to make data-driven decisions about their new product innovations to help ensure they resonate with target audiences. Our PFU provides a proactive approach to consumer feedback—both qualitative and quantitative—helping you to determine early in the launch whether there are any product, package or marketing communication plan modifications needed in order to ensure you have the best chance of success in today’s competitive marketplace.  On the other hand, sometimes our findings will identify problems or shortcomings with your launch.  If these exist, it’s critical to identify them early enough to ensure new products that are not yet optimized can be pulled from shelves before making too much investment in a launch that is not yet ready for prime time. Insights are the key, and the sooner you have them, the sooner you can take the appropriate actions to optimize your new launches.

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