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As a full service research and consulting agency, Attitude Measurement Corporation has tremendous knowledge of the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. We provide a complete range of strategic research solutions for both qualitative and quantitative programs at all stages of the product lifecycle.

If you received an invitation for one of our surveys, you can participate by going to www.amcsurveys.com.

ResponseCash® PFUs provide our clients with the ability to conduct full-scale quantitative attitudinal research studies among actual purchasers and users of their new products within the first 4 to 6 weeks from the time a new product has reached store shelves. Learn what elements of the marketing plan are working to drive awareness and trial of your new products. Capture attitudinal feedback from actual users of your new products to understand product performance. (More information)

SampleTrak is AMC's proprietary research program which enables clients to measure the impact and effectiveness of their product sampling efforts. Understand which sampling venues are providing the greatest return on investment (ROI). (More information)

LaunchCAST is a proven method of forecasting year one repeat purchase as early as just 6 to 8 weeks following a new product's introduction. (More information)

Provides early stage insights to enable manufacturers to monitor and impact the health of their new products. Insights are provided from actual purchasers of your new products beginning as early as two weeks into most new product launches! Gain an in-depth understanding of trier acceptors, trier rejectors and potential barriers to trial (among aware non-triers). (More information)

ShopperBuzz is AMC's proprietary program which utilizes motion activated on-shelf audio-video displays to randomly invite category shoppers to participate in our surveys while they are still in the store aisle shopping your category. Shoppers are invited to contact us using their mobile phones in order to participate. (More information)

The ResponseCheck® system utilizes negotiable bank checks with questionnaires on the back of the checks. Because ResponseCheck provides an instant cash incentive, it has a higher perceived value than other questionnaires, coupons, business reply cards, rebates, bounce back offers, etc., thus generating higher participation rates. (More information)

Message Filter is a message optimization tool designed to filter and shape marketing messages. This quantitative Internet methodology evaluates suggested message elements for inclusion in marketing materials and results in the best set of message elements to include in advertising and marketing efforts. (More information)

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